Like many of our clients, your organisation might be going through periods of change and realignment. When groups or teams that were once separate (or just acted like they were!) come together and work synergistically, amazing things can happen.

So how to you “build a team?”

One of the ways we can help is to take your teams offsite for a day of fun by challenging exercises (these can be a mixture of indoor and outdoor depending on the time of year) that will highlight some of the communications, team working, vision and leadership issues that can often blight a team that has not fully formed or developed.

By working on exercises that can highlight areas of weakness we can take your team through a collaborative set of exercises that will enable then to self assess and diagnose issues that may need to be resolved or perhaps how to just work more effectively together.

And they’ll have fun doing it!

We recommend the Sundial Group for these events as they provide not only excellent residential training facilities, but uniquely have ‘Teamscapes’ built into the grounds of the centres throughout the UK. Contact us if you want to learn more.