Corporate Social Responsibility


We believe that all businesses, whatever their size, can make a contribution to improving their communities, neighbourhoods and the planet itself.

To this end, we have made Cambridge Business Training a Carbon Neutral business as of January 2007. In order to achieve this, we have partnered with Carbon Clear to ensure that all carbon produced by our business travel is fully offset by investing in their international tree growing programme.

Carbon Clear is investing in the work of The International Small Group & Tree Planting Program, TIST. TIST empowers small groups of subsistence farmers in developing countries to reverse the devastating effects of deforestation, drought and famine. These groups have identified local tree planting and sustainable agriculture as their top development goals; TIST expects to provide them with the long-term funding to achieve these goals by selling the relevant greenhouse gas credits.

Contributing to the Global Fund

We have also switched all our own procurement to the American Express Red Card. This allows us to make normal business purchases at competitive interest rates, whilst 1% of our spend is donated to the Global Fund for Aids research. For more information on this innovative card and the work it supports, visit


We only use recycled paper for our training packs and all other materials from sustainable sources and seek to minimise the amount of printed material we produce and encourage others to do the same.

Training in the Voluntary/Not for profit Sector

We also make a number of training days available on an expenses only basis to voluntary and not for profit organisations who would not normally be able to employ an external training consultancy. If you believe your organisation may fit this profile and your team would benefit from help with their development, please contact us wed be happy to chat.