Skills Audit

You might know that you need to develop your teams, but where do you start? At CBT, we have developed some skills assessment and auditing tools that will allow us to highlight and prioritise areas for development that will give you the greatest return on your investment.

These tools can be as simple as a tick list analysis, or devising and running a more complex assessment centre. Whatever you might need, we have an approach that will work.


As part of the familiarisation process we would wish to establish the nature, behaviours and tasks for your sales and management groups.

Using interview and field observation of a sample of sellers we would be keen to establish the baseline activities and behaviours that would be most conducive to success.

The framework is also benchmarked informally through our experience and expertise of a wide range of industries to ensure that your benchmark not only matches aspirations within your but represents wider best practice also.

The Benchmark identifies specific tasks within the sales process and is used later within the development centre as a standard of assessment and achievement level to be gained.

The benchmark once established could also assist within the team to support:

  • Accreditation processes
  • Focus for recruitment policy
  • Induction training
  • Performance and coaching interviews for management