Traditional recruiters and head hunters typically operate as ‘CV brokers’ taking little account of the real needs and culture of your business. This means that YOU have to do most of the hard work in vetting and short listing suitable candidates.

What do we do?

Our approach is very different. Firstly, we spend time with you to take a detailed brief as to exactly the kind of person you would like to employ, not just skills and experience but also behaviours. We take time to understand the culture of the business and the makeup of the team that the successful candidate will be joining.

Using the information you provide us with, we advertise on major job sites and CV search against your required metrics to shortlist a small but well qualified list of applicants.

We then carry out telephone and face to face interviews to further vet and refine our list and only then do we put our candidates in front of you and your management teams for interview.

For larger recruitment campaigns, we can devise and run an assessment centre day that will give you comprehensive feedback on potential employee’s skills and attributes.

Additionally, we can attend your final interviews to assist in role playing with your candidates to demonstrate to you how they might deal with some of the more challenging issues they are likely to face in managing people or clients.

We have found that role play can help to give you the most complete and rounded assessment of the candidate before offering them employment.

This approach has led to huge time savings for our clients as they no longer have to sift through reams of unsuitable applicants or waste time doing initial screening. Ultimately our recruitment processes will save you a great deal of time and money.