Training Procurement Consultancy

Buying a training programme from any company can be significant expenditure which brings an element of procurement risk. Many companies may only carry out this exercise every few years and often end up end up buying an ill fitting or over priced training development solution. If you’ve ever bought training in the past that wasn’t the fit you wanted, or didn’t give you the lasting results you’d hoped for, this service is for you. We can work with your project team as an objective independent assessor.

We will

  • Help you to vet proposals and presentations,
  • Challenge processes to ensure that they are the “best fit” for your organisation
  • Ensure that the ROI presented by your shortlist of trainer is real.
  • Ensure that the price you pay is realistic, not aspirational!

We can be present at pitch meetings, help you with tender construction and final negotiations to ensure that your company gets the solution it really wants and pays a fair price for it! From our experience, we know that some training companies with fixed processes and methodologies can often ‘over egg the pudding’ selling you more training than you need, or provide training that may not deliver longer term results, and our ‘insider’ advice will not only save you time but very probably thousands of pounds in wasted fees!