A Differentiated Approach

Our approach is to building sustainable improvement in bottom-line performance through managing the complete learning process. By influencing how your team are engaged and managed throughout, often through small but impactful actions, we can effectively manage the way information is received, absorbed, understood and practiced.

Working with you at all stages we are keen to control the momentum of learning so that:

  • your managers become catalysts in sustaining new standards of routine behaviours
  • your teams are open and willing to learn and see the benefits conceptually and tangibly to build greater aspirations of success
  • you gain enormous benefit from your training budget by minimising seepage and waste.

Our approach has three key components:

  • Managing the Learning Process
    • agreeing performance improvement benchmarks
    • ensuring a readiness to learn and engage with the process
    • a willingness to absorb new approaches and collateral
    • a culture to use skills repeatedly as a new and measurable standard of competence

  • A Quality, Tailored Training Provision
    • designed around your selling context
    • using your selling experience as the backbone for training in the construction of role-play and other exercises
    • constructed to bring direct, relevant and realistic skills development to the areas of need within your teams

  • A Partnership Approach
    • to changing performance standards
    • improving the culture of management
    • by building positive a attitude within teams
    • to creating in-house sustainable performance so your managers can take over what we start

We believe that our approach makes a massive difference to the effectiveness, absorption and quality of our training and in turn the ultimate success of your business.

Here’s what some of our clients have to say:

“CBT's lively and pragmatic approach to our needs has made this company our development partner of choice in a very competitive field. His programmes have always been timely relevant and well received and we would have no hesitation in recommending them for sales and management training, coaching and recruitment.”

Des Lekerman, Managing Director of the multiple award winning IT company Eurodata Systems. Eurodata provide professional and managed IT services to clients throughout the UK and clients include Virgin Atlantic, HMV and the Bank of England.

“CBT's team are trusted advisors to me and can always be relied on to deliver well thought out pragmatic training programmes that deliver results I can measure”.

Marc Conway, Sales Director 2e2 Group, leading multinational IT services company.

We have many more course appraisals that delegates on our programmes have completed that we would be happy to share with you. Verbal references are also available by prior arrangement so that you can understand how others have benefited from our approach.